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How to create the perfect 'Shelfie'

There's something calming about scrolling through posts of beautifully arranged shelves filled with all sorts of accessories. Known as 'shelfies', these perfect little shelf snapshots are making home organization a lot easier, and fun! Half art, half interior decor, ‘Shelfie’ is the gorgeous new design trend that we can all get on board with.

If you’re wondering how to go about making your own, here are some simple tips to help you create the perfect shelfie!

Mix Textures

Give your shelfie some depth by using a mix of textures. Textures give visual variation, adding more interest to a look. You can combine textures in your display by using a variety of materials. For instance, a shelf decorated with vases made of terracotta, glass, porcelain, or metallic finishes would have a good mix of textures. Even if these vases were all one colour, the difference in textures would make the display look a lot more interesting. Donut vases with a spring or two of pampas grass have been an incredibly popular accessory to complement the Shelfie look.

Vary Heights

Just like using different textures, varying the heights of the objects can bring the display to life. Instead of putting three art pieces or photographs of the same size side by side, combine two photos of one height with a taller one. Or keep all three at different heights. Got a shelf full of books of the same height? Move your books around to mix up the heights, or lay a few of them on their sides with accessories on top to make it more striking.

@plantpandemic featuring our Zig-zag seagrass basket & rattan weave planter in her Shelfie arrangement

Keep It Empty

One of the essentials to a good shelfie is negative space. You don’t need to fill up every bit of empty space on your shelf. Keeping some parts bare or sparsely decorated makes your shelf display look less cluttered. This visual balance is key to creating a pleasing arrangement that looks good in photos and in real life.

Group Similar Items

The key to an uncluttered shelfie is grouping. Bringing together smaller objects and similar items allows them to become distinct groups rather than being lost in the display. Five small vases grouped together will look less messy than separate vases spread across the shelf. Groups can be displayed by themselves or combined with individual accessories to create a balanced display.

Embrace Asymmetry

Perfectly symmetrical arrangements look monotonous in shelfies. Allow one part of your display to be taller or longer, one to be busy with a lot of small accessories and another with just a large one. These variations make a shelfie look organic and more appealing.

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